What is Descending...?

It started a little more than half a dozen years ago... Two pre-adolescent girls poured all of their time and creativity into fan characters derived from a testosterone-filled 80's anime. Established characters morphed; new beings were created; and nothing resembled the original save a few names.

It was time to branch out... aliens became demons, and these demons needed a story of their own.

The year is 2053. It is a time where demons live upon the earth amongst humans. Many demons choose to commit and encourage sin. But, a minority exists within the demonic population− a minority trying to live normal lives. For these demons making the right choices in a human dominated society is a daily trial. Especially when it seems like the rest of the world wants to destroy you.

August 31, 2009

Say Chicka Wha?

Welcome, curious minds!  Alright, so the plan here is that Rachel and Myself will used this webspace to chronicle the development of Holy Hell! into some tangible form.  We'll post character bios, sketches, tidbits of miscellaneous info, and even written character studies.  Probably memes too... because who doesn't love a good meme?
Hopefully, if all goes to plan, this blog will keep us focused and we'll have something to show for it in the not-so-horribly-far future.  We hope you'll visit, comment, share with your friends... any sort of encouragement you can offer. So... enjoy, ja?
We'll get the ball rolling with a little about Tyler...

Tyler Jerome Son
Date of Birth: December 5th, 2036
Species: Demon
Race: Infernal/Lilitu/Kodama – Arabic/Persian/Japanese; Chinese
Powers: Pyrokinesis, Voice Mimicry, Damnation

Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Tan
Height: 5’5”
Distinguishing Features: Short, Pierced Left Ear

Eldest child of an overly affectionate (and somewhat insane) mother and a well-meaning but emotionally unavailable father, Tyler has always been a bit reserved – with few friends. However, as long as he can remember he’s been companions with the girl across the street, Alexia Woods. Whenever Tyler’s under attack for his height, his oddity, or his demonic heritage (a frequent occurrence throughout his life), she’s there to kick ass without breaking a nail. So it’s no wonder that when his hormones kick in, she’s the apple of his eye. But does he pursue her? Oh no; he’s far too much of a wuss. Girls (amongst many other things) scare him. His interests are so abnormal; he feels too much a dweeb to ever garner affection from the opposite sex. Aside from cowering in the presence of women,Tyler excels at rambling on about an era he never experienced, obscure video games, and any neurotic thought that passes his mind; and though one wouldn't guess from his stature, he manuevers well on a basketball court and is the captain of the JV baskeball team.

Family: Saturn Son (Mother), Alexander Son (Father), Hana Son (Younger Sister), Kakaro (Grandfather), Satan II (Great Grandfather)
Friends: Travis Ashiro (Half-Cousin), Alexia Woods, Becky Brooks, Danny Puckett, Lewis Stanton

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Chocolate Pudding
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): Titanic, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bring it On, Zoolander, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The OC
Favorite Music: Alternative Rock (circa 1990-2005)
Favorite School Subject: Home Ec
Hobbies: Video Games, Basketball, Cooking