What is Descending...?

It started a little more than half a dozen years ago... Two pre-adolescent girls poured all of their time and creativity into fan characters derived from a testosterone-filled 80's anime. Established characters morphed; new beings were created; and nothing resembled the original save a few names.

It was time to branch out... aliens became demons, and these demons needed a story of their own.

The year is 2053. It is a time where demons live upon the earth amongst humans. Many demons choose to commit and encourage sin. But, a minority exists within the demonic population− a minority trying to live normal lives. For these demons making the right choices in a human dominated society is a daily trial. Especially when it seems like the rest of the world wants to destroy you.

December 26, 2011

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

For Tyler, not Rachel and me; we had great Christmases.

Poor Ty-Ty, heart broken a few days before Christmas, but it's okay because his little sister still loves him.

December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hope you and yours are having a fabulous holiday season! 

Above: Holiday Cheer... Sorta...