What is Descending...?

It started a little more than half a dozen years ago... Two pre-adolescent girls poured all of their time and creativity into fan characters derived from a testosterone-filled 80's anime. Established characters morphed; new beings were created; and nothing resembled the original save a few names.

It was time to branch out... aliens became demons, and these demons needed a story of their own.

The year is 2053. It is a time where demons live upon the earth amongst humans. Many demons choose to commit and encourage sin. But, a minority exists within the demonic population− a minority trying to live normal lives. For these demons making the right choices in a human dominated society is a daily trial. Especially when it seems like the rest of the world wants to destroy you.

December 26, 2011

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

For Tyler, not Rachel and me; we had great Christmases.

Poor Ty-Ty, heart broken a few days before Christmas, but it's okay because his little sister still loves him.

December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hope you and yours are having a fabulous holiday season! 

Above: Holiday Cheer... Sorta...

November 8, 2011

Can I Get Shakespeare's Number?

Margie Jo Dolly Steinbeck
Date of Birth: June 20th, 2037
Species: Human
Race: Chickasaw, Irish, Welsh, Polish, Danish
Powers: N/A
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Naturally Brunette, Bleached/Dyed Golden Blonde
Skin Color: Porcelain
Height: 5’5”
Distinguishing Features: Stick-Thin, Deer-Caught-in-the-Headlights Eyes, Brightly Colored and Geometrically Patterned Clothing

Margie’s full name as the sole evidence, it isn’t difficult to guess at her family background. Margie’s parents are a prime example of country-fried Trailer Trash. With Redneck roots, Margie has struggled her way up the ladder of popularity. Ever since she moved from Kentucky in the first grade, she has clung to the pretty girls. Girls with shoes, and make-up, and tabloid gossip.

Part-way through 7th grade, her family switched trailer parks, from Santa Monica to Beverly Glen. Upon arriving at Arnaz Middle School, Margie immediately latched onto the most popular girl she could find, Alexia Woods. Alexia didn't seem to mind Margie's lack of poise. In fact, she took the twiggy girl under her wing, and they have been best friends ever since.

With Alexia at her side, Margie has made it into the inner circle. Still, she’s a ditz and naturally unsophisticated; so even amongst friends she’s seen as a wannabe.

Family: Randall Steinbeck (Father), Suzanne Steinbeck (Mother)
Friends: Alexia Woods, Renesmee Moriarty, Valerie Spicer, Jessilyn McCreery, Tanya Robinson, Kylie Zeller

Favorite Color: Tangerine
Favorite Food: Canned Spray Cheese Soy Nuts
Favorite Drink: Cucumber Melon Iced Tea
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): The Hills: The Movie, Sex and the City, High School Monarch
Favorite Music: ElectroPop
Favorite School Subject: Lunch
Hobbies: Shopping, Gossiping, Reading Tabloids

He Saves the Dolphins!

Bradley Achilles Baxter
Date of Birth: March 31st, 2037
Species: Human
Race: Norwegian, Swedish, English, Greek
Powers: N/A

Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Beach Blonde
Skin Color: Bronze
Height: 6'
Distinguishing Features: Perpetual Arrogant Smirk

You’ve seen him in every teenage drama – the jock, the bully, the arrogant prick who happens to be God’s gift to all women. Brad Baxter is the son of a police officer and a dentist. They raised him as a good Christian boy, and every good Christian knows that demons are evil and deserve to be vanquished. So, it’s no wonder Brad is so outwardly prejudice against hell-spawn.

Usual Brad activities include, surfing, football, track, and –last but not least – basketball. He’s the newly appointed co-captain for the varsity B-Ball team at Brad Pitt High. BPH is lucky to have him on the team, considering he should be attending Penn High in Santa Monica. The BPH athletics program´s outstanding reputation led Brad´s parents to enroll him despite the 30 minute commute every morning. It didn´t hurt that Brad´s best bud, Cooper Argento, was also attending. The two have been inseparable since they met during a summer sports camp when they were 10.

Family: Kent Baxter (Father), Caroline Baxter (Mother)
Friends: Cooper Argento, Scott Monger, Ryan Evavold, Russell Warren, Chad Eldritch

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Thai Food, especially Khao Pad
Favorite Drink: Red Gatorade

Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): ESPN Classics, Vigilante
Favorite Music: Stadium Tech-Rock, Stadium House
Favorite School Subject: PE
Hobbies: Surfing, Carbing Up, Pursuing Girls