What is Descending...?

It started a little more than half a dozen years ago... Two pre-adolescent girls poured all of their time and creativity into fan characters derived from a testosterone-filled 80's anime. Established characters morphed; new beings were created; and nothing resembled the original save a few names.

It was time to branch out... aliens became demons, and these demons needed a story of their own.

The year is 2053. It is a time where demons live upon the earth amongst humans. Many demons choose to commit and encourage sin. But, a minority exists within the demonic population− a minority trying to live normal lives. For these demons making the right choices in a human dominated society is a daily trial. Especially when it seems like the rest of the world wants to destroy you.

September 18, 2009

Counsel Me!

Travis Kenneth Ashiro
Date of Birth: July 23rd, 2036
Species: Demon
Race: Siren/Mizuchi/Kodama - Greek, Japanese
Powers: Siren Voice, Hydrokinesis
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Slightly Tanned
Height: 6’0”
Distinguishing Features: Lean muscular build, Tattoo in Greek on his wrist
Bio/Personality: Charismatic and confident, Travis is a demon who has somehow managed to be accepted by the human student population. He's a nice guy who is quick to solve problems and always willing to lend a few words of advice. As Senior Class President, he knows almost everybody at school. Frequently, he can be found playing guitar in the choir room with his close friends: Joey, Kurt, and Nathan.

Travis' obvious social graces cause people to wonder how he could be related to a loser like Tyler Son. Yet, Travis has lived with the Son family since the age of twelve. When seen together, the two cousins interact more like brothers. Travis tries desperately to help Tyler with his social setbacks. But, too often, he finds that his cousin is a particularly difficult demon to assist.
Family: Kazuhiku Ashiro (Biological Father), Ligeia (Biological Mother), Alexander Son (Adoptive Father), Saturn Son (Adoptive Mother)
Friends: Tyler Son (Half-Cousin), Joseph McKinney, Kurt Saunders, Nathan Hamilton, Becky Brooks, etc.

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Cookies
Favorite Drink: Grape Juice
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): Revenge of the Samurai, Dragon's Fist 5, Ultimate Gladiator, Final Destruction
Favorite Music: Old Alternative/Indie Rock
Favorite School Subject: Psychology and Choir
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Kendo, Singing, Socializing, Video Games

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos al Infierno!

Date of Birth: Before Time Itself
Species: Angel (Fallen)
Race: Power
Powers: Healing, Astral Projection

Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Alabaster
Height: 5’9”
Distinguishing Features: Fantastically Androgynous, Small Horns

Bio/Personality: Before the uprising against God, Laurence faithfully guarded the Gates of Heaven. Should a stray comet meander towards Heaven, he was there to request it kindly turn around and head the other way. It wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but he was completely content. That is, until Lucifer turned his home into a battlefield.

Laurence never once considered joining with the mutineers; he fought for his lord with all of his might, and when it was all over, he was the one to open the gates so God may expel Lucifer’s ranks. Unfortunately, a particularly vengeful angel grabbed hold of Laurence and dragged him to Hell. Laurence pled for God to bring him back, be He said it could not be done. However, Laurence was given the task of watching over the legions of Hell to ensure they wouldn’t escape Hell and storm Heaven.

Ever since, Laurence has been the Gatekeeper of Hell. He passes judgment on all who enter, deciding which circle they’re fated to. Conversely, he keeps the records of the damned. Additionally, he trains every new Ruler of Hell to ensure the balance of Good and Evil is kept in the world.

Family: N/A
Friends: God

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Apples
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): The Ten Commandments, Jesus Christ Superstar
Favorite Music: Spiritual, Gospel
Hobbies: Organizing, Brightening Peoples’ Days

September 13, 2009

Shut up, I'm Tanning

Alexia Antoinette Woods
Date of Birth: September 21st, 2036
Species: Human
Race: French Creole, Scottish
Powers: N/A

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Chestnut with Gold Highlights
Skin Color: Nude Beige
Height: 5’8”
Distinguishing Features: Freckles, Well-Toned, Busty

Alexia Woods is the kind of girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be. She lives a seemingly perfect life, in her impossibly large home, wearing a wadrobe suited for the hottest celebrity. It's no wonder at least a third of the student body grovels at her feet. Alexia would never let a thing like divorced parents get in her way or slow her down. She's become the poster child for the strong, independent teen. Though, independence doesn't bar her from having a man or two hanging around. With a mother living half-way across the world and a CEO father who is frequently absent, a girl needs some company after all.
Alexia's best friend Margie can only hope the magnetism rubs off. Together, the two run the gossip mill at school, spinning and dispensing rumors at their leisure through a streamlined texting network. When they aren't obsessing over everyone else's lives, they're making themselves beautiful. Shopping with their mall slave, Tyler Son, is another common occurrence; as is tanning, mani-pedi appointments, and the occasional spa day.

Family: Mark Woods (Father), Linsey Bessette (Mother)
Friends: Margie Jo Steinbeck, Tyler Son, Renesmee Moriarty, Valerie Spicer, Jessilyn McCreery, Tanya Robinson, Kylie Zeller

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food: Coffee-Flavored Frozen Yogurt
Favorite Drink: Non-Fat Soy Cinnamon-Caramel Mocha
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): Sunrise Bay, Loving the Restless, The Hills: The Movie
Favorite Music: Contemporary R&B
Favorite School Subject: Lunch
Hobbies: Shopping, Gossiping, Cheerleading

September 12, 2009

...And She is Very Nice

Becky Ann Brooks
Date of Birth: March 16th, 2037
Species: Demon
Race: German, Dutch, English
Powers: Electrokineisis, Biological Manipulation, Force Field Generation

Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Skin Color: Ivory
Height: 5’3”
Distinguishing Features: Short, Loose fitting clothing, Pigtails, Pink Heart earrings

Born to demonic parents who fully embrace living sinfully, Becky is a modest person whose demeanor seems unsuited to her heritage. She spends her time outdoors, usually with a book in hand, and avoids going home after school due to her overbearing mother and father who constantly struggle to make her more like other demonic girls. Becky would rather read a Jane Austen novel than worry about what outfit she's wearing or how she looks. Her less than glittering appearance and juvenile hairstyle has earned her the nickname "Pigtails" with the popular girls at school, and to most other students she is forgettable at best. Fortunately, she has the companionship of Tyler Son. After being introduced by his cousin, Travis, sophomore year, Becky finds her time with Tyler to be a comforting change of pace from her usual solitude. Perhaps with a good friend beside her, Becky's junior year of high school will be her most exciting year yet.

Family: Christie Brooks (Mother), Mickey Brooks (Father)
Friends: Tyler Son, Travis Ashiro

Favorite Color: Teal, Rosy Pink
Favorite Food: Angelfood Cake and Blackberries
Favorite Drink: Earl Grey Tea
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Music: New Age Orchestral Pop
Favorite School Subject: History
Hobbies: Reading, Spontaneous Digital Photography, Hiking, Baking

September 5, 2009


Most everyone has heard the story of Lucifer’s battle in heaven, so this is nothing new. Lucifer betrayed God, straining against Him along with a mighty band of disgruntled angels (though a few were merely weak-willed and gullible). In the end, God and his loyals won, the opposition ripped from Heaven and hurtled into an unknown territory… Hell.

The fallen angels of Hell eventually multiplied; and over thousands of years, they evolved into a plethora of demonic breeds.
Hell’s Royal Family
Lucifer, for a time, was their leader; until his subjects realized he was to blame for God’s ill graces. He had led them into the dark.

It seemed Lucifer had a mutiny of his own on his hands. He was overthrown; his own son, Belial, leading the ranks. He was banished to the Ninth Circle of Hell, his beautiful wings torn bare and ripped from his back.

As a marker of his new power, Belial took the barren and blood-soaked wings and wore them as his own. He was the new Prince of Darkness, the Ruler of Hell.

Coming to Earth
For eons, Demons have been physically confined to the depths of Hell. Though, it never stopped them from wreaking havoc on Earth. To visit Earth, a demon had a few options. First, to take on an inhuman form of some sort. This is how all the images of great creatures with horns, tails, and scales came to be. And why else would a beautiful succubus such as Lilith choose the form of a snake? She didn’t have much of a choice, now did she? Second, demons could maintain their natural appearance while sacrificing their corporeal presence. Essentially, they take on the form of a ghost or apparition. Then, of course, the other option was to possess a human host; though, this option was limited to primarily Infernal types.

Now… remember how many thought June 6th, 2006 to be the end of the world? Obviously, they were wrong; however, on that day, a monstrous change occurred. Demons gained complete access to the Earth. Gone were the days of facades and indirect influence; the demons were free to indulge and nurture sin in the human race unabated.

Physical Characteristics
Generally, Demons look very much human. Yet, they show conspicuous signs of their heritage.

Ears: Their ears are long and pointed. The taper has no other purpose but aesthetic, but the length serves to keep the demonic body temperature stable in the hostile environment of Hell. Furthermore, Demonic hearing is ten times more acute than Human hearing. Loud or screeching noises do well in driving them mad.

Last note about the ears… they’re a highly erogenous zone for Demons. Fantastic way to distract a hostile attack, which is why most Demons don’t let human become privy to this information. If you touch a Demon’s ear, you might as well just plunge your hand down their pants. Don’t. Touch. The. Ears.

Teeth: Demonic canines are long and sharp, much like the fangs of a carnivorous animal. Additionally, they have the benefit of no Wisdom teeth, a lovely Human-exclusive curse courtesy of Adam and Eve.

Eyes: You’d never find a human with naturally purple, orange, teal, or red eyes, but Demonic irises come in every color under the sun. A couple races even have slitted pupils or completely black eyes.
Physiological Characteristics
Life Span: A Demonic soul can survive up to 500 years. Demons progress through childhood and adolescence at the same rate as Humans. Though, once matured and at their peak, they stay young for nearly 100 years. Once reaching 100 (20 in Demonic years), they age five times more slowly than a Human.

Once expired, a Demon’s soul is limited to Hell. (Should a Demon possess abnormally expansive power, he or she can still return to Earth in non-corporeal form or via possession. Satan is one such example.)

Immunity: Should a Demon suffer an unnatural death, they resurrect after a brief stint in Hell. They are fully healed of any injury pertaining to the death, granted it wasn’t given time to heal on Earth. Conversely, illness or a natural shut down of homeostasis is the death knoll for a Demon. Due to lack of exposure over the last few millennia, Demonic immune systems are more susceptible to disease. Thusly, Humans arm themselves with biochemical weapons to deal with any unwanted Demons; though, these are almost exclusively administered to Police and Military forces.

Sin: Demons are basically plague rats of venereal disease. They’re bred to commit and spread sin; so it’s only natural they’d be immune to anything that would directly hinder them. On the same note, Demons have a higher tolerance to alcohol, not to mention they're naturally fantastic sexual companions.
What’s a Demon without some sort of awe-inspiring/fear-invoking power? Some powers apply to Demons of all types, while others are constricted to certain breeds.

Universal: All Demons are capable of teleportation, both themselves and objects. When applied to themselves, the ability is referred to as “Poofing”, thanks to the noise made upon transportation. Distance traveled is not limitless. On average, a Demon can poof up to 100 miles without exhausting themselves. Fatigue grows exponentially outside the average radius.

To bring an object into their possession, Demons must think of the object and snap their fingers. Not surprisingly, this technique is called “Snapping”. Snapping cannot create what doesn’t already exist; rather the subject is pulled from elsewhere in the world. As most Demons aren’t adverse to theft, snapped objects are generally illegally acquired.

Infernal: Your basic Biblical devil: fire, brimstone, possession. Hell’s Royal line is made-up primarily of Infernal Demons. Infernal powers include Pyrokinesis, Possession, and “Mind-Fuckery” (ability to put thoughts/images into a person’s head). One related power is Damnation, bequeathed only unto the current Ruler of Hell.

Lilitu: These Demons are more commonly known as Incubi and Succubi. They thrive on seduction of the innocent. To aid in this task, their pheromones are heavily enhanced and near irresistible. Starting at the onset of puberty, their libidos sky-rocket; controlling their appetites is nigh impossible.

Imps: These little guys cause mischief more than anything else. They’re compact, quick, unintelligent, and live for a good laugh. If you’re missing a sock, your car keys, or a remote control, it’s likely their fault. Invisibility is their specialty. Gremlins and Leprechauns fall under this breed.

Kodama: As demonstrated by the imps, not all Demons are inherently evil. Kodama are Japanese Demons who guard forests and the like. They get their vaguely cruel kicks from scaring away any threat to their territory. Voice Mimicry, Shape Shifting, and Invisibility are their most common powers.

Siren: Sirens have a manipulative voice. Not only can they cause sailors to follow their lofty vocals to an aquatic death, but when properly controlled, Sirens can manifest specific emotions (anger, lust, sorrow, serenity, etc) in their target merely by talking. Sirens are not, as depicted in Greek mythology, all female.

Other: There are far more breeds and powers than can be named in this summary. However, other common powers include: Electrokinesis (Electricity), Hyrdokinesis (Water), Kryokinesis (Ice), Time Manipulation, Technopathy, Manipulation of Plants, Telepathy, etc.