What is Descending...?

It started a little more than half a dozen years ago... Two pre-adolescent girls poured all of their time and creativity into fan characters derived from a testosterone-filled 80's anime. Established characters morphed; new beings were created; and nothing resembled the original save a few names.

It was time to branch out... aliens became demons, and these demons needed a story of their own.

The year is 2053. It is a time where demons live upon the earth amongst humans. Many demons choose to commit and encourage sin. But, a minority exists within the demonic population− a minority trying to live normal lives. For these demons making the right choices in a human dominated society is a daily trial. Especially when it seems like the rest of the world wants to destroy you.

August 2, 2010

I Like Sticka!

Date of Birth: November 28th, 2036
Species: Demon
Race: Lilitu, Ma Vi Tính (Computer Spirit), Dab Tsog (The Hmong Nightmare)– Vietnamese, Thai, Hmong
Powers: Seduction, Technopathy

Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Tan
Height: 5’9”
Distinguishing Features: Pierced Ears

Ly possesses a child like optimism and demeanor. He’s friendly, fun-loving, and outgoing. These traits allowed him to gather a diverse group of friends as a child. Unfortunately, puberty hit and his Incubus instincts kicked in, causing him to alienate every friend he had. He’s broken hearts and caused scandals so large that his Mother has been forced (on numerous occasions) to relocate.
He’s lived all across Vietnam; parts of Thailand, China, and Japan; and now he’s transferred to Los Angeles with hopes that he can make new American friendships that will actually last.
And it isn’t only his feral nature that bars him from lasting friendships. His mother controls his every life choice under threat of using her nightmarish powers on him or any “friend” she doesn’t deem worthy of her son.

Family: Thai Thi Mộng Điệp (Mother), Truong Rừng (Father)
Friends: His Cell Phone

Favorite Color: Saturated Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange
Favorite Food: Xôi Ngũ Sắc (5 flavored sticky rice)
Favorite Drink: Lychee Juice
Favorite Movie(s)/TV Show(s): PYA PYU PYO! Variety Show, Adventures of the Pho King, Những Giây Phút Nồng Nàn
Favorite Music: Viet-Pop, J-Pop, K-Pop
Favorite School Subject: Math
Hobbies: Sticker Collecting, Tinkering with Technology, Having Sex